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Great work!
Dung defender cracked me up in Hollow Knight.
I really love the way you make stone walls look in this sketch style. Phenomenal atmosphere. Would love to see more castle-themed art from you.
Anyway, keep it up!

dogmuth-behedog responds:

Thanks, when i make another fanart-list i hope have characters styles like this. :D!!!

Pretty cool! I've recently started trying out some simple pixel art myself, but this is something special. Nice original character design.
I'm here from dogmuth-behedog's rendition of this, btw.
Keep up the good work!

CecilDev responds:

Hey, thanks a lot for your comment! These things really keep me going. And I loved his fanart! It gave him a super cool face wash with his misterious style.

Your sprite is fairly simple, but when I saw the running and jumping animation, I found them surprisingly good! Keep up the good work, you will get cooler things eventually. x)

I'm open for feedback giving and orientation in case you need it, just hit me up!

What do you call this art style? It has a rough sketch feel to it but with plenty of detail, like with Where the Wild Things Are.
I love the design and dark tones. You have really captured a great atmosphere in this.
I'm following you for sure.
Keep up the fantastic work!

dogmuth-behedog responds:

Thanks for your comment, the style that i use is called crosshatching tecnique. :D

That's a lot of stuff. Why is the gas canister blue on the bottom?
Looks cool, I like the style.

pixelrogueart responds:

Just a little dirt xD, and thank you so much <3

This looks cool. Bursting with unique style... makes me want to sit by the fire and think of people long ago, and people who will see a world that I shall never know.
Great work.

nathanandersonart responds:

Thanks so much! It's from Dark Souls, and it's probably the most iconic area of the game, as it's the only one that feels 'safe', like a haven of sorts. :)

Silly and cute style, I like it.

RetryEli responds:

I'm glad you do! <3

Nice layers and shading.

RetryEli responds:

Thank you!

High-quality work here. Great detail. I love the gritty, but not sloppy/dirty feel to this.
Keep it up!

pixelrogueart responds:

Thank you so much for all the nice comments you left! That means a lot :))))!

Good grief this is amazing. Incredible detail, and I love the look of the waterfall and reflection in the stream. I uploaded some simple pixel art I made a while back thanks to your inspiration!
So thank you and great work!

DaaWeeD responds:

thank you for you kind feedback 🙏🏻

Looks like Rocco just ripped a big one and killed Garrett. Sad.

McduckIllustration responds:

Sad day.

Drink plenty of water.


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