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This was a nice refreshing piece.
I like the instrument choices a lot. They blend and reverberate well together.
Has a mystic, hopeful, and otherworldy feel to it while also adding what feels like 90s alternative rock vibes because of the melody and chord progressions.
Great work, keep it up!

Edit: just saw you mention on another comment about your difficulty getting a good mix with audio in Reason. Same here. It's the most challenging part for me.

Like drifting and then soaring through space.
Elegant, interesting, & fun. Great work.
Keep it up!

FotioNet responds:

Pleased with your message, people like you are the ones who make me a better person and a better musician. blessings and expect more from FotioNet !!!

Great atmosphere you've created here. That deep pulsing bass and airy pads and voice is a perfect blend, then the percussive and reverberating piano is the icing on the cake.
Keep it up!

I give this a 7 out of 4.
Awesome funky phresh beat and bass. This was a lot of fun. Great job making this time signature work!
Keep it up!

Engin3music responds:

hahaha! thank you so much! been studying them a lot and finding ways to make em sound natural! glad to see it paying off!

Pretty cool stuff

This piece is like a sigh of relief.
Yet again you've captured some audio gold here. Using electric works just fine.
Keep up the great work, man.

Thomastique responds:

Thank you man! šŸ˜

Phunky phresh!
A smooth journey and a lot of fun.
Keep up the good work!

Interesting and creative drum&bass work! Drums are a bit louder than I would've liked (although I often have issue with that in my own tracks) - the melody & backup are great and need to shine through more.
Overall it's jamming and a lot of fun.
Keep it up!

Screams Ennio Morricone. This is phenomenal and fits perfect into a western/fantasy style. And good luck with future audio/frequency work - it can be a deceptive beast to tame. I hope to become better at it myself.
Keep up the great work!

sleepFacingWest responds:

Thanks! I feel like a lot of the older productions focused on getting as pristine a recording as possible. However, pitch/tempo drift, tape noise, light overdrive, and other chaotic elements were embedded in the process. These days, when we can edit to a grid, remove noise with AI, and fix performances in post, I feel like more attention needs to be paid to preserving (or in some cases, imbuing) imperfection to give recordings more sense of warmth.

Watching someone play DKC 2 as I listen to this with headphones. Feels like it fits right in with the game! Great composition & instrumentation.
Keep up the great work!

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