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I loved the use of the Harp. I've noticed too that when I add it to music, it always enhances it to some degree. Oh, also the riff at 1:20 reminded me of Metallica's "Orion". Pretty cool stuff all around. Great combination of strings, guitar and drums. Everything was mixed very well. I felt like I was listening to XJapan in some parts. Excellent song all around, I'm definitely downloading it.
Keep up the creativity!

Jared A.
a.k.a. Watermusic34

AngelsDontKill responds:

Thanks a lot man, I love getting responses like this! I haven't used the harp too much in other works, but I do feel it can be more appropriate than what people expect in metal. Don't hear it enough, really.
It's funny that you mention the "Orion" thing, because that riff was inspired by Kataklysm's new instrumental "The Last Effort", and while listening to that I kept thinking "this really reminds me of Orion!"
Thanks for the compliment on the mixing too, I have really been trying to work on that ^_^

Very interesting and creative.

Man, I really enjoyed this. Do you heard of Jordan Rudess? He's in a prog/metal group called Dream Theater, but he also does a lot of solo stuff. The "mechanical" sounds and elements reminded me of some of his videos on his synthesizers... Anyway, this piece is quite unique. I love that synth/machine experimental stuff. Also, the beats and music in the song was relaxing. I felt like I was in a cookie factory until it kicked in and went to an iron-smelting factory. Whatever you meant by it all, it was awesome.

Keep it up!
Jared A.
a.k.a. Watermusic34

synteza responds:

I've heard of Dream Theater, but I haven't heard of Jordan Rudess. I'd be delighted to watch one of these videos on YouTube if you would be so kind as to point me to one via PM. I don't really know what I meant by it all; I was just playing around with distortion, but I'm glad you enjoyed whatever it is!


This was ok.

Pretty good, but needs a lot of work. The strings and high-pitched instruments were way too loud and harsh. The sequence you used for the bass part was very nice though. I enjoyed it.
The key changes were too abrupt and didn't have any form of transition and the "clap" you used just didn't fit quite in either. Just take some more time to change some things and try to add more to the song to make it a proper remix. I did like the intro a lot though.

Good effort, keep it up.
Jared A. a.k.a. Watermusic34

Great work.

I can tell you put a lot of work into this song. It is really captivating, but you should have given it a real name. Keep it up.

Absolutely amazing...

But I think you should make a longer version that doesn't loop in the middle of the song. Don't forget about the other parts of the song as well. I really, really enjoyed how you put this together though. Please make some more.


...is a word that came from the Gaelic language of Ireland, so I'm using it to describe this piece of music. Very good work. When it got faster-paced, it almost sounded like Chrono Trigger battle music. Wonderful, wonderful job. Please make more.

Keep the Irish music flowing!

Great, great work here. This is absolutely awesome. Great progressions and musical phrases. The melody was very unique as well. Wonderful job all-together.
a.k.a. Jared A

Ironicly like "Strange Deja Vu" by DT

I like it a lot, but "vaguely" is not the word I would have chosen. It really sounds like the melody to "Strange Deja Vu" by Dream Theater (one of my top 3 bands) but it is still somewhat unique. I like the instruments you used as well. Keep up the work, let's hear some more!

Ah, very very good!

Video game music is the best. I like the effects you used. It had a Motoi Sakuraba feel at the very beginning when the melody came in and then something like Sonic the rest of the way. Very creative. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

Love this game and all of its songs.

The kick was way too loud and the cymbals at the beginning stood out a lot before the "remixed" part came in. I liked the sound you used for the melody, but the song didn't end right, or loop in a way that felt right. Besides that, i did like it, so have a 7.

newskies responds:

yeah^^ ok, thanks^^

Drink plenty of water.


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