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Make a longer one!

Great! Great! Great! It needs to be longer though! Even if it repeats one full time!


Beautiful piano playing and nice imput on the chromatics. I enjoyed it very much, but I wanted more at the end... it kind of left me hanging there, but overall you did an excellent job. I want to hear more!

Pretty Good.

This was pretty good, but there's a few things about it that take away from the music. I know you are planning to do more with it later, but the tempo is all over the place, and the sound gets a little boring after a while. Try changing it up here and there with a change to a different instrument, or maybe some backup strings or something, and make sure to keep the tempo steady. Besides that, it was actually good. Keep up the good work in the future too.

Respect. ;)

Superb job! I think you did fantastic on this cover. Right up there with the original "Mad World".

Jazza responds:

thank you SO much

The best non-Koji Kondo-version I've EVER heard!

Seriously, this is amazing. I love the harmony and how it resolves! Very etheral feel to it too. That was genius.

Really good work.

Good job, I really liked it, but around 1:28 the beat skips pretty badly. Besides that, you did a superb job. Keep it up. I want to see more up here.

lordfeanor responds:

thanks of your hint with the 1:28. i'm making a new version of this song now. i'll send a message when the new one is made.


lord feanor


Most excellent! I loved it, rated it five, 10/10 and downloaded it. I love the Celtic feel because that's the best kind of music ever. Very good work.

Pretty good!

I liked it. Especially the parts around 2 min into it and when the piano came in. Nice ending too-a bit mysterious.

Lead instrument

Hey, this was excellent in terms of music and all the background and bass were amazing; however, the lead instrument was too modulated in some spots, too strong and just annoying. If you reposted it with a better-sounding lead intstrument, this would be around a 5.0 rating for sure. Overall, very good music work though.

Charem responds:

I agree, and I wish my music programs were of better quality so this could be more easily done. XP


This was very good. I liked everything in it. The title is just kind of confusing, since it doesn't really have a "waltz" feel. I can understand if it's just for the namesake though. Overall, very good job.

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