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This rocks!
Smooth, dark, and fun track.
Keep up the good work!

Fun tune.
The monkey seems to be having a blast.
Keep it up!

Awesome riffs! Reminds me a bit of Nightwish.
Keep up the great work!

Funky fresh for an old track!
I like it, you did good work.

Feels like a pleasant dream.
Great job, as usual!

Winter89 responds:

Thank you so much!

This fits extremely well in a Genesis cover! Excellent work.
Keep it up!

Funky, fun, and refreshingly unique!
Has a bit of a Genesis Sonic vibe too.
I love it, but it's a bit shorter than I was expecting.
Perhaps you could do a "verse" section with a strong drum rhythm variant and main synths only, then bring back the bass with the full chorus section at the end? Possibly repeat that part at the end with an added octave change in the synth? I would avoid key changes in this piece but that's just my opinion.
Anyway, awesome work!
Keep it up.

ade-syndicate responds:

Thank you! People keep saying my music sounds like classic Sonic music and I just don't see it comparing my music to actual classic Sonic music. Maybe it's just the use of FM synths that people connect to the Genesis which people connect to Sonic. 🤔 The main influence here was Michael Jackson, especially with the chorus and drums. I'm not complaining; I love Sonic music! It's just interesting to hear people's takes on what sounds like what.

I'll keep working on the song, though it'll likely be completed long after Halloween is over. I've got tons of commission work to do with more on the way. I just really wanted to get something out for the spooky holiday season. Thank you for the advice! ^_^

Absolutely fantastic chord progressions and instrumentation...
This is high quality. My only negative response is a personal one - I just do not like dubstep at all.
However, the rest of this piece blew me away. I love the high energy breakbeat buildup leading to the beautiful atmospheric section. It was like soaring through the cosmos.
Keep up the great work!

3YEOfficial responds:

this song was actually my first attempt at dubstep sound design lol, the drop and mix are far from my best lol. glad you like the rest! Given the musical experience I had at the time I'm pretty proud of the chords in the midsection lol

Atmospheric and bone-chilling pads.
The piano sounds fantastic.
Great job!

Ketyri responds:

Thanks :)

Fun cover!
You definitely captured the frantic feeling of the original but wrapped in a darker, ominous atmosphere. Takes longer to get going that I would hope for, and some of the brass sounds feel like they could use some better mixing, but I know that can be challenging. Overall well done.
Keep up the good work!

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