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Great artwork and music! It brings out the Halloween spirit. I really enjoyed the gameplay as well. This was really fun and challenging.
Wish there were more levels and maybe something to add to/change gameplay at some point too. But fantastic work for a game jam, this is fun!

Keep up the good work!

Great stuff. Difficult but fun, and I really enjoy the olde-style video game music.
The conversations popping up mid-action got me killed a few times, btw. Not sure if you were going for that or not.
I had 8.65 at the end. Poor pizza dude.

Keep up the good work!

saantonandre responds:

Thanks a lot! I've reworked a couple of dialogue boxes positioning (I've coded them as invisible tiles), will be live next patch probably. I would never want my players to die cheap deaths! except for the first spike level, that's very intentional.

Love the feel of this game. The music is nice and it's great that the user can change the level of fisheye effect.

Keep up the good work!

Amni3D responds:

That last part came from people here giving feedback, some saying they liked the effect, others said it made them nauseous. So it made sense to add a slider for it.
Thanks, I hope to keep making more stuff, and to do one better.

Fantastic, my friend.
This was a very creative approach to the stickman and distance type of games. Great job. I really enjoyed it. And thank you ever so much for using some of my music!


Interesting and fresh

I really enjoyed playing through this! I'm sure I'll return to play again from time to time too. The gameplay was great, I had no issues with lag or anything. Also, it was relatively challenging in some spots of the puzzles. Overall, I loved the feel and play-ability of the game. Very sad and kinda simple yet deep story. There should be more games like this out there!
Also, the music reminded me of parts of the Golden Sun series, which is really cool. Great job on the soundtrack; it was beautiful, sad and mysterious, which fits perfectly!

Keep up the creativity!

Great feel overall!

It was fun and kept me interested. All the little quests were a nice addition instead of just being a hack/slash type of game altogether. Great choice of music, by the way. I feel that added a lot to the experience (and always does). The artwork was simple but fun at the same time.
By the way, I got to the wizard but was too lazy to go back and buy health beforehand, so he finished me off in the cave.
I'd say that if you make a 2nd one, there should be more types of enemies and some more quests/shops and perhaps a few more levels with different weapons and different music for each.
Overall, very good work. I realize there is a lot that goes into making something even as simple as this, so keep it up and have fun with it!

Keep up the creativity!

Artful and inspiring

What a fantastic game! I really enjoyed everything about it. The platforming, the puzzles, and especially the artwork and music. The artwork really brings the world to life in a very unique way and the music fits perfectly with it - very mysterious yet beautiful ambiance.
There was one little bug I found though. I fell through Mr. Groucher's roof into the beam of the house behind his chair and became stuck, having to restart the game. Besides that it went very smoothly.
Please continue to create games like this. This was fantastic!

Jared A.
a.k.a. Watermusic34

P.S. Who did the music?

253124 was my highscore in Deep Space

It's a very interesting game, for sure! Thank you for using my song in it too. The Boss music by Cornandbeans was great. I got to level 4, but then I ran out of lives, mostly due to the "all seeing eye" in lvl 3 and the blue/red laser beams. Anyway, I thought it was a lot of fun and hope to see more!

Keep it up!

One of the best games on NG

I love this game. It's like Kirby's demented little brother or something. Nice music and effects, it's all really good. I don't know why people give you so much junk about it. It really is a cool game. The fact that you use sound waves out of Edward's mouth is awesome too. I loved the artwork and the different levels. And the way you can fight "death" for your life back is amazing. Didn't see that coming! haha
Great, great work. Keep it up!

Jared A.
a.k.a. Watermusic34

Probably the best game on newgrounds

I can't get enough. I love the whole concept of recording over yourself over and over again. Time travel is so cool. I think this was very well made and presented very well also. And the music was pretty cool as well. I hope you can eventually release a Chronotron II or something like it!
Keep up the great work,

Jared A.
a.k.a. Watermusic34

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